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The Kingstree Project
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Dr. Inetta Jenkins Fulton comes from humble beginnings and may be quoted as saying “My entire life is a miracle from God” she states.  She was born in Kingstree, South Carolina and is a 1973 graduate of Kingstree Sr. High.

She worked in the cotton fields and tobacco fields of Kingstree her parents were sharecroppers and she worked the fields of Frank Brown on highway 52 north where the Sykes plant once was.  Despite all of the adversity in her life she had a very balanced childhood.  She took piano lessons from Mr Nathaniel Taylor and played organ for many local churches and pastors, most famously being the Rev BJ Gordon and Rev. Eugene Burrows.  She was also one of the musicians for The Baptist Association.  She was very active in school and the local church.  At age 15 she was employed by One of the first Rec. Center summer programs brought to Kingstree by Rep BJ Gordon.  She has held many positions in the African Methodist Episcopal Church of the Kingstree District., for the over 30 years of being a member.  

Corporately,  She has risen to become the top executive of NPower™  Records and Entertainment, Founder and CEO of WomenNPower International Ministries Network( one of the fastest growing networking ministries in the world and She has founded and takes the role of publisher to NPower™ Magazine, and WomenNPower Ministry produced television shows "Inetta and Friends, Gullah Girls Cooking, View from the Pew, Boss Lady TV, and Black Kings Round Table. She is affiliated with professional and community service organizations such as the National Association of Black Females  Executives in Music and Entertainment, Community Development Corporation, National Association of Church  Business Administration, NAACP, And served as councilwoman for Town of Stuckey SC, for  four years. She attended Baptist College of Charleston, Florence Darlington Tech and University of Illinois. She received her Doctorate of Theology from Saint Thomas Christian College, Jacksonville Florida, in 2006. 

She has previously worked  a number of years for the Williamsburg County Solicitors Office, the Williamsburg County Treasurers Office, and the Williamsburg County Magistrates Office, Hemingway.  Additionally, earlier years she worked for the city of Florence Police Department and the Florence County Magistrates Office, Lake City.  She was co-owner of Coopers Fish Market, Sams Soul Food, Fishnet Seafood restaurants and fresh seafood, and Cooper and Sons Trucking Co., and Recycling all in Hemingway. 

She has worked to campaign for several democratic candidates of Williamsburg County, including Pearl Brown, Ronnie Sabb, Franklin Fulmore, Kelvin Washington and others, by giving rides to polls, designing fliers and setting up speeches in local churches. 

She has held lifelong residency in Williamsburg County still retaining a homestead in Hemingway for and is a registered voter in the Indiantown precinct.  She has also lived and worked in Columbia SC, Atlanta Ga., Reidsville NC and presently resides in Savannah Georgia. 

She has received numerous awards, some prestigious ones include: President of the United States Service Award ( President Obama Administration)Proclamation From Los Angeles California NAACP "Fit for the Kingdom Conference 2006" Presented Proclamation from the  Mayors of each city

Los Angeles, CA


Plano, Texas

Charlotte, NC

Columbia, SC

Wandy Wallace Taylor, Ed.D

Dr. Wandy Wallace Taylor was born in Brooklyn, NY, and raised in Kingstree, SC, by her parents, Norris Wallace Jr. and Grace Glenn Wallace. She is the oldest of ten children (seven males and three females). Her three youngest brothers (Keith, Kent & Kirt) were the first set of black triplets born in Williamsburg County.

Wandy completed most of her public education at Anderson Elementary School (kindergarten – 6th grade) and Tomlinson High School 7th – 9th grade), which were the only two public schools in Kingstree for black children at that time. In 1970, the county was issued a federal mandate to desegregate its schools. 

Thus, as part of Williamsburg County’s initial effort to integrate its public schools, a brand-new school was built – Kingstree Senior High – that would welcome all students, black and white. It was a tumultuous first year that included the constant presence of the National Guard on campus. Eventually, things calmed down and Wandy and her classmates graduated in 1973. 

Upon graduating from high school, Wandy pursued and accomplished many of her personal, professional, and educational goals. She began her professional career in the corporate sector and worked as a director of human resource services for 15 years. She pursued her passion for education and worked in public education for 23 years in South Carolina and Georgia as a counselor, assistant principal, director of early childhood development, and principal.

Dr. Taylor holds an Ed. D in Educational Leadership and Management from Capella University, an Ed.S in education Administration from the University of West Georgia, an M.Ed from South Carolina State University and a BA from the University of South Carolina.

Dr. Taylor is the CEO of Taylor & Taylor Education Consultants, LLC, a company she co-owns with her husband, Dr. James “Jim” Taylor. They recently authored and published a book titled The Imperfect Storm: Racism and a Pandemic Collide in America. How it Impacted Public Education and How to Fix It.

In addition to her work with Taylor & Taylor, she works as an education consultant with the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement.

Currently, Dr. Taylor serves as the Chair of Board of Directors for the Gwinnett County (GA) Public Library; Vice-chair of the Gwinnett County Board of Registrations and Elections; and a member of the National Advisory Board for Preface Project, a non-profit early literacy organization.

Dr. Taylor has lived in Gwinnett County, GA, for the past 20 years. She and her husband are the parents of five adult children and ten grandchildren.


Ludrick N. Cooper, M.A., Filmmaker

Ludrick Nerell Cooper, a native of Kingstree, South

Born and raised in rural Kingstree, South Carolina, Ludrick has been able to apply the many things he learned as being a young videographer trained by his father, participating in journalism in high school, and eventually attending the same HBCU as his dad and uncle (Benedict College).  In December of 2005, Ludrick also referred to as Rell or Rell C eventually earned his bachelors degree in mass communications broadcast.  

Years later, he would then relocate to Orlando, Florida where he went to attend film school at F.I.R.S.T. Institute.  Immediately after graduating, he began writing his very first short film, which was a story he had in his head since 2002.

He wrote, directed, and produced Deserving Mercy. A year later Mr Cooper again relocated this time to the midwest, St. Louis, Missouri/Southern Illinois.  

”Initially I was in grad school to pursue a MAT(Master of Arts in Teaching), but later discovered that this was not the degree program for me.  However, what I was able to gain was my passion for writing and storytelling” stated Cooper.

Ludrick began writing his first book based off his previous short film, Deserving Mercy.  He switched his major at Webster University from Education to New Media Production.  Next, he created a podcast which inspired him more to create.

While as an Education major, he took an African American literature course.  This course really inspired him to begin working on his next book while he was wrapping up publication with his first book Deserving Mercy.  See Deserving Mercy.

The next book released by Ludrick Rell C Cooper will be entitled, KunTree Urban.  This book will be more of an autobiography as he will take you down a historical journey inspired by his life experiences.  Please continue to visit this website and stay up to date as new information will be added.

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